Fountain Civil Engineering
Fountain Civil Engineering
Fountain Civil Engineering


When it comes to the construction of both new Landfill cells and the closure (rehabilitation) of existing Landfill sites, FCE is the leader in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Gauteng.

FCE is in line with world policies to create a better environment by establishing Landfills that allow effective waste disposal while preventing the ingress of contaminants from our everyday waste into our underground water systems.

FCE has completed projects:

  • A hazardous (waste) landfill contract at Bulbul drive.
  • Numerous cells at Bisasar road and Marianhill Landfill sites.
  • Weltervreden Landfill Cell 7.
  • Rietfontein Landfill Cell 5.
  • Arcellor Mittal H:H Phase 2.
  • Assmang: Slag Disposal Facility & Stormwater Retention Dams.
  • Assmang: Dust Disposal Facility.
  • Pikitup JHB: Marie Louise.
  • Holfontein Landfill Cell 9.
  • Bisasar Road Landfill Lining of Transfer Area.
  • Capping of GSB Dump at Mittal Newcastle.