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Fountain Civil Engineering
Fountain Civil Engineering

Fountain Green Energy

FGE specialises in the field of renewable energy.


FGE has established itself as a leading landfill gas contractor in Southern Africa, specialising in anaerobic digestion, biogas to electricity and biogas upgrading for the production of biomethane and carbon dioxide.


FGE develops projects for Municipalities, private companies, investors and finance organizations, offering a complete suite of services from the technical and economical feasibility study, through to detailed design, E.I.A., construction and commissioning of the plant to final operation and maintenance. FGE can also assist with providing finance sourcing and CDM registration.


FGE has over 23 years of experience in renewable energy projects including anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and landfill construction, CDM, carbon tax, municipal solid waste treatment plants, bio-fuel power generation, civil works for photovoltaic plants and wind farms.

In a world where renewable energy is no longer a desire but a necessity, our goal at FGE is to ensure our projects live up to this ideal.

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Click here to view our certificate as the EPC contractor for the New Horizons Energy facility which won the Western Cape regional award for Technical Excellence in Civil Engineering for 2017